FMi Retirement Services

Experience Makes the Difference

FMi has proven its experience and professional dedication over several decades, infusing each customized retirement plan with unmatched savvy and security. Our expertise in creating optimal retirement-plan solutions for companies around the globe has helped countless employees retire comfortably.


Total Flexibility

From Qualified to Non-Qualified, from plan design to plan administration, from up-front consulting to “back room” support, for a few employees or thousands, FMi delivers tailored retirement-plan solutions – helping employers find that “perfect fit” every time.


International Knowledge, Global Access

FMi’s access to a worldwide roster of diversified fund managers and investment specialists provides virtually unlimited options to meet every investor’s risk tolerance. FMi’s unique talent for multi-jurisdictional management allows global planning with centralized administration – the ease and freedom you need to manage international retirement benefits.


Education Builds Trust

Knowledge is power, and FMi firmly believes that understanding retirement is the key to retiring comfortably. That’s why we insist on transparency in everything we do, from planning to consulting to implementation. The more our clients know about FMi and our myriad services, the more educated they become – and the more trust grows.


Retirement Made Simple

Streamlined processes, open investment architecture, crystal-clear communications, regular updates from investment specialists, online access to portfolios and constant education on retirement services, easing the burden on employers and guiding employees … that’s how FMi makes it simple.

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FMi Retirement Planning Services

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